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Legal Lunchbox
Free lunch and 1 CLE hour of civil trial certification credit

Effective Communication in Mediation

Presented by Blane McCarthy, Miles Neutral and Jacksonville Bar President 2023-2024

We will discuss the following topics:

  • "Effective" is defined by one's intended mediation result, 
  • Direct versus indirect communication,
  • Verbal versus nonverbal communication, and 
  • Seven key considerations to advance the goal of resolution.

The program is interactive and there will be an open mic / free form Q&A session at the end.

If you provide an audience of 5-10 lawyers, we can book a session at your office and provide a catered lunch, all at no cost to you or your law firm. Please contact Blane directly at or (904) 993-3520, if you would like to host this event or have questions.

Blane McCarthy is a board certified civil trial lawyer and a certified circuit mediator whose law practice is now limited to conducting mediations. Since becoming certified as a circuit mediator in 2000, Blane has conducted more than 500 mediations, primarily for personal injury matters, commercial disputes, settlement conferences, and probate cases. He joined Miles Mediation & Arbitration in August 2021 to transition to full-time mediation, and offers in-person, virtual, and hybrid mediations.



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